Terms of payment

Our online store uses the Klarna Checkout payment system.

With Klarna Checkout, you can easily, flexibly and securely shop online. You can choose the payment method that suits you best.
Payment methods offered by Klarna to consumers:

The payment options offered by Klarna are displayed at the e-commerce checkout. Klarna currently offers the following payment options: Invoice, Installment (Klarna Account), Card Payment, or Online Banking.

You can see which payment methods are possible for you by entering your own information at the checkout of our online store. The default payment option is always an invoice, but you can change your payment method by selecting your preferred payment option from the list. Please note that the invoice and the Installment always require you to enter your personal identity number in the system.
Card payment

You can pay with debit and credit cards of all Finnish banks. You can also pay with a Visa Electron card if you have activated the online payment feature of your Electron card in your online bank.

In connection with the card payment, the customer must provide the card number, the card's expiry date, CVC code, and when paying with some cards, also the 3D secure code. In addition, the customer's bank may require separate authentication in online banking with online banking IDs. Please also make sure that you have activated the online payment feature of your card in your online bank before making the payment.
Pay now - online banking fee

Online banking payments are possible through Klarna Pay as an instant service in the online banking of the following banks: S-bank, Aktia, Danske Bank, Osuuspankki, Nordea and Säästöpankki, POP Bank, Ålandsbanken, OmaSP, Handelsbanken, SEB.

Your statement will show Klarna / SOFORT as the payee. Your information will be tracked exclusively with Klarna's secure payment form, XXL will not be able to access your information or account.
Pay later - Klarna bill

Place your order today and pay only after you have received the product and made the final purchase decision. With a Klarna invoice, you get 30 days of free payment.

An invoice will be emailed to you at the same time the order leaves our warehouse. The payment period for the invoice is 30 days from the dispatch of the order, and no additional fee is charged for the invoice. If payment is delayed, a reminder fee of five (5) euros and default interest will be added to the invoice.

The due date of the invoice can be postponed for an additional fee on Klarna's website.
Split payment into installments - Klarna account

You can also place an order and split the payment into installments. More information about Klarna's contribution can be found here

In order to be able to choose an invoice or installment order as the payment method, you must enter your personal ID at the checkout in Klarna's payment base.